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Steps uncertain, we set out.

Ten days of the year…before the feast of remembrance, of sacrifice.

Abraham was to face the ultimate test of love. At the farthest limit of trust, his love was safe, and his son saved.

Life is a pilgrimage to the center, where time and again we must return. To ourself, our heart.

Heart…which means the center, ourself, life, love and faith. Life is a pilgrimage of, to, and for the heart. With our hearts as our sole companions.

Some have already set out. Others will travel their own path. Others still will pray and fast. Yet others will forget.

Ten days. Silence, as Abraham suffers for his love, the love that sets him free.

The adventure of faith : love is a prison, love is freedom. Each one has the choice to seek one’s key… to one’s prison, or to one’s freedom.

A path, the path we travel; a path and a key.



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