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Quentin-quentin-tarantino-293941_1152_864“There’s the rock ‘n’ roll time”—he points at the drink—”and there’s the big-band time,” he says, pointing at the water. “I don’t want that. Where I’m coming from, I’m thinking about when I’m dead and gone, and some kid—who’s maybe not even born yet—sees one of my movies and digs it. And he says, ‘This guy’s fucking got it going on. I want to see something else by this guy.’ But he doesn’t know who the fuck I am, so he doesn’t know to go to Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs. He’s just gonna pick the easiest one he can get his hands on. And if that’s one of the ones I make during my old-man years—well, I’ve lost him right then and there.”

Quentin Tarantino

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